Blow them away with your Xmas gift

Have you ever read that book 'The five languages of love'?  I haven't but I've been told the premise and I'm definitely a gift giver.

People who don't fall into this category sometimes don't get what a big deal gifts can be.  There's plenty of marketing research that tell you what certain gifts and behaviors subconsciously say to the receiver.  For example, candles (if it's not obviously their thing) means you don't know them.  Flowers mean you left it to the last minute.  Leaving the price tag on the item means you want to tell them you're too busy to bother about them.  Yikes... it's a minefield.  

But this year, you could totally outdo yourself!  With personal jewelry you show that you've taken the time to organize something, you have thought about them in-depth, you've liaised with a designer to come up with something unique especially for them.  They don't need to know that it wasn't difficult.  

First hint.  Items like earrings and necklaces are easier in that you don't have to worry about sizing.  However, do take into account what they wear now.  A stud girl may not like drop earrings and vise versa.  Likewise for necklaces, have a glance at her existing pieces and try to gauge which length of chain she prefers.  I can them hang your choice of pendant to the right length.  

Rings are a little bit trickier but it's do-able.  Find an existing ring she wears, measure the diameter.  Inside is best.  Send me that information and I can work out her size.  Easy peezy.  

From there you can consider what stones she likes, or colors, slim band or chunky. 

All items come with a quality polishing cloth, in a pretty little suede pouch.  All you have to do is wrap and you're done.  

You'll have to put yourself on the top of the tree, you'll be such a star!

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