Your imperfections make you, you.

This idea is illustrated beautifully in a scene from Good Will Hunting.  What do you think?  I reckon Robin William's character, Sean, nailed it.  

Sean: My wife used to fart when she was nervous. She had all sorts of wonderful little idiosyncrasies. She used to fart in her sleep. I thought I’d share that with you. One night it was so loud it woke the dog up. She woke up and went ‘ah was that you?’ And I didn’t have the heart to tell her. Oh!

Will: She woke herself up? [both characters begin to laugh uncontrollably]

Sean: Ahhh…! But Will, she’s been dead for two years, and that’s the shit I remember. Wonderful stuff you know? Little things like that. Those are the things I miss the most. The little idiosyncrasies that only I know about; that’s what made her my wife. Oh, she had the goods on me too, she knew all my little peccadilloes. People call these things imperfections, but they’re not. Ah, that’s the good stuff.

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