What is this type of jewelry called? And who's it for?

Jewelry satisfies a plethora of psychic and physical needs.  There is also an expanse of types of jewelers.  I don't believe that any sub-set in this family is better or worse than another.  I like to think that we learn from and support each other.  I am a member of a particularly impressive group of jewelers that put collaboration before competition.  This sits well with my personal world views.  

I am what you call an intuitive artist-jeweler.  I have moved away from entirely fabricated pieces to sculptural casting using precious metal and gemstones.  

As an independent hand jeweler, my work is limited-edition. The orientation is not to simply make a beautiful piece.  There is a motivation to put a message into each item which then adds to the conversation (or brand if you like) as a whole.  

Don't get me wrong, I do want to make beautiful jewelry, it's just a different kind.  I want people to see the beauty that isn't so obvious.  The crack in a wall, a tear in a top, a lopsided smile.  It's a form of mindfulness I suppose. Judge less, look harder, hunt down the good.  Ideally, my wish is for the wearer to then transfer this cognitive thought pattern to themselves.  Look for the beauty, embrace the bumps, accept, don't take it all so seriously.  

Can jewelry, can art, do all this?  I think so.  


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