Your jewelry choices say something about you

Exactly what are you projecting to people?  Let's investigate.  

I did a lot of digging, and I mean a lot, and the following seemed to be the consensus.  I included in my reading psychological articles and journals so that actual research was involved too.  For example, one study showed that wearing jewelry increased self-esteem and self-regard.  On to the specifics! 

If you tend to choose big brand name luxury jewelry items then chances are you are detail orientated and an overachiever.  You work very hard and reward yourself accordingly.  You have high self-esteem and are quite likely an excellent hostess.

When someone selects minimalist, sleek designs they are a person who has a great sense of life balance.  They appreciate the best things life has to offer.  Thoughtful and orderly with a worldly charm.  Do not be deceived by their pared down wardrobe, it probably cost a great deal.  

Small and simple designs are the choice of people who have a sense of style and fashion but have no need or desire to draw attention to themselves.  Chances are that the wearer of dainty, delicate and subtle jewelry is a calm, romantic person.  You can find them daydreaming their time away, when they're not busy brokering a peaceful solutions. 

Do you know a person that wears pearl strands and diamond studs?  Their jewelry is elegant, classy, possibly geometrical.  And is this person extremely diplomatic?  They have a great analytical brain and can see the big picture quickly and clearly.  The more classic the jewelry the more poised the person is.  Traditional values and an understated personality.  Watch out for color coordinated gems and matching sets.  

What about those that don't seem to wear jewelry?  It might be just a chain or a thin bangle or ring, a single pendant.  These souls are very relaxed and approachable.  They can chat to anyone.  

How about the bubbly crowd!  They are social, fun, they love to shake your hand or even give you a hug.  To spot this outgoing person check for over sized hoops, in fact over sized anything.  They want attention.  This cheerful lot also gravitate towards charms, layering necklaces, stacking rings or a large cocktail ring (or two). 

Don't forget the recycled, natural, earthy type jewelry.  More than likely these pieces will be handmade which the wearer just adores.  They are draw to the raw elements in the pieces because it reminds them of the world around them.  A nature lover and conscientious soul.  

Less common are those who hunt high and low for antique jewelry.  They may be nostalgic or delight in the story behind a piece.  Quite possibly they are very kind and because they are a broad knowledge base, they are very interesting conversationalists. 

Haven't seen a group you slot into yet?  Maybe bits of several ring true for you.  Quite possibly, we are complicated creatures after all.   If you're anything like me then you may have moved through some of these categories and found yourself searching for a new means of self-expression.  

Like studio art jewelry.  It's a relatively new genre.  It's for individuals, people who are free thinkers, it's almost counter-culture to traditional jewelry.  Because it is an art form, it is all about people.  One-off pieces made with a message, or even just a feeling, in mind.  As it is an emotional purchase the wearer tends to be the introspective type. 

This is where my jewelry sits.  One-off, handmade, precious metal and gemstone pieces designed to emotionally support you.  I knew this was what I wanted to achieve before I did this research and found a category for my work.  So it is a thing!  I'm so pleased.  

Whatever group you hale from, put your jewelry on right now, and feel better about yourself!!  It's be proven. 

PS:  Mismatched earrings = creative and bold

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Had I only known about the discount I would have waited to order my pendant! But, I’m not that disappointed … I will love the necklace regardless of the price. God’s way of telling me to get a second?
I’m drawn to the random beauty of your pieces. So casual and yet so freaking cool the way the gemstones fight for their place. Looking forward to receiving it!

Vicki Reid Smith February 10, 2023

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