I've been thinking a lot about you lately

In fact, I've been thinking about you for years now.  After all my jewelry is for you, about you, because of you.  


Marketing types told me that to find you I had to look at socio-demographic factors, areas of interest, events, age groups etc.  And I did, I looked and looked.  But you guys just didn't seem to marry up this way.  


I started to panic a little bit.  My dream was to have my jewelry out there in the world inspiring and supporting people.  But who are you?  Where are you?  


I looked at who my past clients were and found doctors, landscape architects, yoga teachers, nurses, farmers - it was all over the place!  And then it hit me - the people I want to reach aren't joined by anything external... IT'S INTERNAL!!!


It's a shared mind set, values and beliefs.  It's got nothing to do with what we all do, it's who we are.  So I looked again, with this new insight, and saw that people who were attracted to my jewelry were connected by a mutual kindness, an interest in personal growth, service and gratitude.  Introspective, emotionally mature and giving individuals.  


We may all look different from each other (thank goodness, how boring otherwise) and do different things with our time, but we recognise each other intuitively by a shared energy... plus we're both wearing top-notch, expressive, art jewelry (just saying).  


Can I get a 'heck yes' in the comments if any of this rings true to you. 


I'm just so excited to grow this group of awesome human beings.  It may start with a shared love of contemporary metal jewelry and a beautiful heart - but who knows where it could lead?  


Very very pumped right now.  


Heck yes lol !!!!

Janine December 09, 2022

Heck heckity heck yes !!!!!

Jenny September 01, 2022

Heck yes!!

Anonymous June 06, 2021

Heck yes

Julie May 15, 2021

Heck yes! I came across a link to your shop via a Moldavite Group. You have some lovely pieces of jewelry. At present, I’m looking for sone LDG jewelry.

Nic Coulton April 21, 2021

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