Which comes first? The accessories or the clothes?

Is there any rule of thumb here?  I've been mulling over my own approach and to be honest, it's a mixed bag. 

Sometimes I'm dead set on wearing a certain pair of pants and therefore everything else has to follow suit.  Other times it's a statement necklace so I must pick a top with a particular neckline.  

I know some of my clients wear their special collection of pieces everyday, religiously, all at once.  While others swap out items depending on their mood. 

How about you?  Do you have a method?  And why?  Or are you all over the place like me?

I imagine that there are pros and cons for every process but there's one thing I bet we can all agree on... an outfit just doesn't look finished without accessories! 

Again... what do you think?  Myself, I feel a little naked without jewellery on.  

I've included a shot of an Insta pal of mine that does styling.  She has a few of my pieces now and has a real eye for putting together a 'fit.  Her name is Deborha Gates... check out her feed. 

My own look is similar to Deb's, perhaps a bit grungier.  I like to be a bit different than the mainstream.  If you do too then check out my work.  It's quirky but subtle.  Well... sometimes : ) 


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