Treat yourself...

... like someone you love. 

Here at Leah Firth Jewelry we're all about self-expression, self-acceptance, knowing that perfection isn't a thing, mindfulness, self-worth AND self-celebration!

Birthdays and Christmas are great but they involve others, this party is all about you.  I'm serious.  

When do you embrace what brings you joy?  Shout your own praises?  Let yourself feel pride in achieving a milestone?

Also, are you guilty of saying you'll give yourself a pat on the back 'when' you get to number 100 on your to-do list?!  How about starting small.  Stop and acknowledge yourself now. 

There are psychological gains to adopting this positive mindset you know.  You start to think that you deserve to be treated well.  And that translates to how others perceive your value.  

It doesn't have to be a bank breaking exercise but then again, it absolutely can be a big deal and you can splash some cash. 

For example, you could take yourself on holiday.  You might buy yourself something inspirational, motivating and sentimental (like Leah Firth Jewelry, had to say that). Take yourself out.  Or post a self-congratulatory message on social media.  

The more you practice this important self-care activity, the more you will remind yourself that you've got this.  I don't mean to be super lame but but this being human jig really does seem to be about the journey and not the destination.  So smell the roses, drink the wine, buy the necklace and love yourself as if your life depended on it.  

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