Self-love cultivates & expands all other 'loves'

Sounds counter intuitive I know.  How can you love others more, and them love you, if you're focused on treating yourself well?  

Here's the thing, when a person lacks self-love they think poorly of themselves and anyone who believes otherwise must be crazy.

Good news is that you already know how to love yourself better.  Simply do for yourself what you would do for a friend. 

For a friend you accept that they aren't perfect, especially during a crisis, because you remember all the good things about them.  

How about you do this for yourself when you mess up (and you will, because we all do, it's kinda part of being human) or just in general. 

Then, when another perfectly imperfect person shows an interest in you, you'll be open to it because you're great (mostly).  And so are they.  

And I do love you, just the way you are. 

Have a happy valentines day! 



PS:  You let in more love because you love you more... yes, it works, even though you're weird... who isn't?


I’m so glad to hear that you’re recovering from your surgery Linda. And things will turn around because you think they will! It’s bizarre but it works. Take care.

Leah February 28, 2021

Morning Leah
Lovely to get your email, and lovely words. After having hand surgery last November, things are slowly coming right. I have a couple of things lacking in my life at the moment. Hopefully this year will turn around for me.
Have a wonderful weekend Leah

Linda Kennedy February 28, 2021

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