Limited Edition vs Popular vs Club buys vs Individualism

This may not be the most cohesive thing I've ever written because I'm really just looking to explore the topic with you.  

I've been sent emails containing the likes of 'shop what's selling out' and 'this is so popular, grab it before it's all gone' or 'restocked due to demand'.  How about you?

Now I get that 'new' is desirable and I also understand that other people buying something, or doing something, lends social credibility.  We can't all be early adopters.   

So my question is, are we mindfully purchasing what we love and truly expresses our authentic self?  Or are we hurriedly following the masses?  Or is it a bit of both?  And does that matter? 

I worry for two reasons 1. Over consumption of 'stuff' is clogging up the planet and 2. Are we taking the time to know ourselves and therefore buy what we really really want (cue Spice Girls song).

Chances are we won't be able to put the world to rights in this blog but it may be possible to make a small, yet significant, difference.  You and I have worked super hard to answer that all important question 'Who am I?'.  I get closer to the answer every day.  What I propose is this.  We help others explore this pivotal question and in turn, their buying habits. 

I know!  I hear you.  You can't force things on people.  Absolutely.  I'm in total agreement.  You can only help those who asked to be helped.  But you can offer an alternative by way of example.  Eh, what do you reckon? 

What I do is wear what I like (drop crotch pants and floaty layers). I have short, bleached, spiky hair.  Large, round glasses.  And last, but not least, I don avant guarde (yet totally wearable) jewelry.  

The number of times I've have people cluck and coo that they love my look but could never do it themselves.  For heaven't sake why not?  Because someone might see them, I mean really see them?  And then what would 'they' say or think? 

I'm not saying that choosing to buy the look du jour is the problem.  It's the awareness behind the purchase.  It hurts my heart to think of people yearning to explore themselves perhaps visually and creatively and being stopped.  

For these people let's lead the way and provide a safe space.  Are you with me!!?

My peeps :-)  <3



PS:  If you've got another suggestion on how to help our fellow humans know, and be comfortable, being themselves then let's hear it!  

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Bit of a random reply but recently I have questioned so many of these same things in our society. It seems so commercial and disconnected from the community and cohesion I remember as a kid. People seem to buy more and more ‘junk’ at higher prices and lowering quality. I much prefer to spend more money on a functional item that will last it needed life than buy 10 plastic/cheap temprary solutions. Finding good quality items are hard to find in my region now and I have committed myself to making or learning how to make my own stuff. As for style and fashion, that comes with independent confidence I think. Ultimately I believe the solution is, learn what you can, pass it on to those who want to learn themselves and be you who ever that is.
Preparing for the worst and hoping for the best…. Much love and respect to those that have a go xx.

Shona May 05, 2020

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