Let's talk precious gemstones my friend

In particular the gemstones I use in my work most frequently.  And why. 

Introducing sapphire, ruby, emerald and diamond gemstones!!

The reason I choose these four in particular is because of their strength. 

The top of the list is, of course, Diamond.  90 x harder than number two which is Moissanite.

I haven't included a Moissanite in my list because, while it is a naturally occurring stone (and the rarest) there is never enough found to even cut a 1 ct gem.  So all the jewelry you see containing this rock in the stores is lab created. 

Number three - a personal favourite - corundum.  Doesn't sound flash does it.  But you might know it from it's more common name Ruby (for the red corundum) and Sapphire (for all the other colours). 

Last - but certainly not least - is Emerald.  Made from beryllium it is not as hard but still quite resilient. 

Why strength you ask?  Because they have to cope with extreme heat.  

As you know I love the cast-in-place method.  A relatively new process in the jewelry world whereby the stones and the molten metal are cast at the same time.  

I adore the unpredictability, try as I might I can't control the finished outcome.  Just as nature teaches us, we're part of the whole, so let go and accept.  

Sometimes a stone will crack with the pressure and I'll get upset.  But why?  Because it shouldn't be broken?  According to who?

So there you are, another mini-lesson about your art jewelry.  Hope you enjoyed it. 


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