Is it important to make & acknowledge milestones?

Short answer.  Yes.

In my opinion of course. 


As well as the big milestones like graduation, weddings and babies, I feel we should incorporate into our celebrations other mini accomplishments like...

  • completed projects
  • holidays
  • back to school
  • promotion
  • new job
  • awards

Don't skip anniversaries and birthdays.  These are opportunities to come together and/or show family and friends that you/they are important.  The world will continue to turn, take a beat and smell the roses. 

Diminishing achievements can undermine you.  You are worthy of a toast or two.   Showing others that you respect yourself and your efforts is surely a good thing. 

And if things didn't go as planned with your goal setting then you can pause, reflect, learn and share.  Be proud of yourself for persevering.   

Even silly things to bring joy like...

  • non-birthday
  • 1/2 birthday 
  • cats birthday
  • first day of spring

It promotes mindfulness, gratitude and self-care.

Do you recall that scene in Sex in the City where Samantha is bidding on a piece of jewelry for herself?  She's out bid and it turns out that her boyfriend bought the ring knowing she wanted it.  But also knowing that she was trying to buy it. Samantha wanted to buy it for herself because she wanted to celebrate her success.  The boyfriend, unwittingly, took that away from her.  

Eat the cake my dear.  Drink the wine. Buy the jewelry for yourself!  Celebrate you and all your fabulous milestones.  


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