How your jewelry can help your health

It's true!  

I recently had a customer ask about the discoloration on her copper band.  

Copper, and to a lesser extent silver, is very prone to oxidation and coloration. 

 It reacts to the air, your skin.  Interestingly copper is an essential mineral for humans (don’t swallow or inhale) but slow-released via the skin it’s said to provide many health benefits i.e. relieves headaches, arthritis, joint pain, etc. 

 If you get a greenish hue on your skin (normal, don’t panic) but it could mean that your diet is too acidic and your jewelry is letting you know that you should eat less junk food, processed foot and/or red meat.

If the copper itself is going green or blue, this is called a patina, I quite like it.  But if you want to keep the band copper-colored then it’s quite easy. 

Hot water, soap, and a toothbrush work wonders.  If you need a bit more oomf try giving it a scrub using ketchup (vinegar as an ingredient).  If you don’t have any, try cutting a lemon in half, sprinkle with salt and cover the band with the liquid, then wipe or brush. 

 It’s odd that acid makes it discolor and acid cleans it up.  Go figure.

 And then there's the healing energy of the metal and stones.  More info in the next blog post!!

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