How I style my jewelry

 Hey team,

In case you're interested in how I style my jewelry ... I thought I'd throw a few looks your way. 

Androgynous.  Lightly avant-guarde.  Shapes and texture.  With an edge, something different that sometimes you can't quite put your finger on.

I love labels like Yohji Yamamoto (and all the diffusion labels) and Comme and Forme d'expression.  

I'm also hugely into sustainable purchasing and that the brands I buy from are ethical.  I try to research the supply chain as much as possible.  Just like for my own brand! I'll give you a rundown of how I do this in another blog. 

I would adore it if you showed me how you style Leah Firth Jewelry!  What brands you love.  That'd be so great. 

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