Leah Firth Jewelry

What rules? - Sterling silver and sapphire ring

$350 NZD

Do you like sporting something that no one else can possibly have?  Me too. 

This is one such ring.  

The massive natural (11.35 crts) purple sapphire has been preformed into a kind of hexagonal shape.  

Then sandwiched between two sterling silver 'flaps' which have been soldered on a solid textured (2.25mm thick) band.  

The band is comfortable to wear but (here's the breaking rules bit) one of the 'flaps' has been soldered on at an askew angle.  And the stone has been visibly glued into place.  All kinds of jewelry naughtiness (love it).  

Medium level oxidation to show up the texture and contrast against the colour of the stone. 

Band size NZ R. 

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