Leah Firth Jewelry

Trippy - Silver and natural sapphires bar pendant necklace

$866 NZD $966 NZD

Solid silver bar containing 13 natural sapphires in various shades, shapes and sizes. 

A very earthy palette I feel with deep red, yellow, orange, blues and light green.  

Classic bar shape.  Hung on silver paper clip link chain.  23cm long not including pendant itself.  

Bar is 3cm L x 8mm W x 2mm T.  

The back of the pendant is a bit rough (my old metalsmith teachers would be aghast) with stones daylighting out the back plus some circular indents left over from the mold.  I've chosen not to keep filing because I think that'll damage the stones and take away too much metal.  The price has been discounted to reflect this issue.  

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