Leah Firth Jewelry

Trinity - Silver and synthetic sapphires pendant necklace

$313 NZD

I've included pictures of the front and the underside of this pendant because I wanted to show you a neat little trick I've come up with.   By separating the chain I'm successful in stopping it sliding and the clasp working it's way to the front.  Pet peeve. 

Another technical bonus - the pendant itself is an oval cave of sorts which allows for all components like jump rings and chain attachments to be hidden.   I feel the bevel or whatever it is that links the pendant to the chain can sometimes inhibit the design.  Just me? 

The third process marvel of this piece is the casting method itself.  It's called cast-not-set and I actually place the stones into the pour of molten metal.  This allows for a lovely organic feel to the setting.  The metal may lap the stone, push it a bit sideways, bump it into another stone.  In keeping with this random approach I don't even try to place the stones in a pattern as such.  It's all free to be. 

This pendant is about 1.3cm x 1.2cm oval.  4mm high. 13 x synthetic sapphires in various colours, shapes and sizes.   

The fine oval link chain is a 24cm drop to the pendant. 

If this is sold then a version can be made especially for you but please be aware that no two can be exactly the same.  

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