Leah Firth Jewelry

Swish - Sterling silver ring

$270 NZD

The texture on the surface of the silver came out really well.  You can clearly see the folds and the wipes.  It's kind of like the metal is moving, like water, I'm endlessly fascinated by water.  

The band is solid metal (6mm x 3mm) but I have hollowed out the top a bit in order to keep the amount of metal down (and hence the price).  The top protrudes 1cm and is 0.5cm across.  18g of sterling silver. 

The finger size is 18mm inner diameter which translates to NZ P 1/2.  

If this isn't your size another can be made for you but please bear in mind that all my pieces are one off creations and therefore yours will be similar but not identical. 

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