Leah Firth Jewelry

Storm - Silver and natural sapphire ring

$575 NZD

With this ring I take texture to the next level.  The top of the dome is very choppy, like waves in a storm.   The eight natural sapphires are bounced along, lapped, rolled and tossed.   Love the movement. 

The seven large natural sapphires are in various autumnal colours and sizes. 

The dome is solid silver 12g.  About 1cm across and 6mm high.  The band runs from 1cm across at the top to 5mm at the back.  2mm thick around back of finger.  

Size is 19mm inner diameter making this a NZ R - R 1/2. 

If this is not your size I can make another version especially for you.  Please note that while it will be similar no two can be exactly the same such is the natural of truly handmade work.  Hooray!

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