Leah Firth Jewelry

Smooth Donuts - Silver or gold charms on hoop earrings

$310 NZD

Full and round and curved.  These little orbs contain bumps and texture and interesting undulations.  Though less textured than another pair just called 'Donuts'.  6mm x 2mm

Slipped onto a 0.8mm round wire hoop that is approximately 13mm outer diameter.  This is a comfortable size wire for the ear.  Plus is it designed to sit just under the lobe.  The donut 'hole' is slightly larger to promote movement both around and from side to side. 

The fastening is 'flush' which means you open the gap in the hoop sideways (not outward) thread the wire through your lobe, then nestle the two ends back together again.  It's actually not as fiddly as it sounds once you get the hang of it.  I can put mine on by myself.  Or you could ask for help from a friend. 

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