Leah Firth Jewelry

Rule Breaker - Sterling silver and synthetic sapphires ring

$350 NZD

Naughty me.  I think I've broken more than a few jewelry rules with this one.  

The band is wavy.  The top is not a symmetrical oval.  The precious metal has been dirtied on purpose (called oxidation).  The working marks on the mould have been left on the metal.  And for the final insult, I have glued, yes glued the stones in a random heap on the top.  I can almost see my past teachers now clenching their fists in rage.  Te he. 

There are about 14 synthetic sapphires.  Square blue. Round and rectangle pale yellow.  One sweet little round pink stone. Round clear cubic zirconias.  

The band is quite small about a US 3 1/2 or NZ G. 

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