Leah Firth Jewelry

Rebel - 18k gold plated sterling silver cubic zirconia ring

$290 NZD

This ring is my nod to breaking the rules.  At first glance it looks like it could be a traditional art deco ring with an oval face, decorated shoulders and a large solitaire stone.  But upon closer inspection you see that the band is wiggly, the shoulders roughly grooved, the face clearly shows painterly-type swipes.  

It isn't anti-jewelry as such.  More, anti that it all has to be the same, we all have to be the same, to be considered beautiful.  

6g of solid sterling silver that has then been plated in 18k gold.  I love the idea that over time the gold will wear away and reveal the silver.  Or you can have it plated again.  The round diamond-cut clear cubic zirconia is 4mm.  

The size is an NZ M.  If this isn't your size I can make another but while it will be similar it won't be exactly the same.   


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