Leah Firth Jewelry

Quiet Rebel - 9k gold and natural sapphires pendant necklace

$1,990 NZD

At a glance this pendant is nice and sweet.  But when you look closer you notice the lovely curves around the stones.  The stones themselves!  They seem to be falling down the circle.  I guess the random setting suggests movement and flow. 

Three of the large stones daylight out the back of the pendant for even more light and sparkle. 

The chain is threaded through the back so there are no visible attachments, jump rings or loops.  

12 x 14 x 5mm h oval.  9k gold.  One 7 x 4mm oval blue/green sapphire. Two 5mm sapphires, one blue/grey, the other smoky black.  One 5 x 3mm rectangle sapphire light green.  Three 2mm light blue sapphires.  A tonal collection of colours. 

Hung on a 14k gold plated staple link chain.  Length 24cm (including pendant). 

Only one available. 

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