Leah Firth Jewelry

Askew - Sterling silver & topaz, citirine, sapphire ring

$175 NZD $350 NZD

Multi gemstone * solid sterling silver * organic * one of a kind * stacking ring

How to describe this ring? hmmm... wiggly... curvy... askew?

I like to let the metal do as it will and in this instance it's settled on the top of the band in a sort of wavy line (2.5cm l x 0.5cm w).

To make it even more expressive, I've bead set 6 x diamond cut gemstones into the face (1 x 2mm pink topaz, 2 x 2mm yellow citrine, 3 x 1.5mm blue sapphires).

The metal has been finished to a shiny matt which is a nice contrast to the sparkly stones. As per all my work, lumps and bumps are not eliminated but celebrated!

I can imagine this being worn by a free-thinking person, natural hair, flowing dress. It's summertime and the mood is light and happy. Can you see it? Yeah.

(US 7) 

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