Leah Firth Jewelry

Movement - Silver and synthetic sapphire ring

$372.60 NZD

I may be getting a bit romantic with my description here but this ring makes me think of the stones trapped in the earth.  Or, funnily enough, bobbing along a stream. 

The three super large synthetic sapphires (yellow 7mm x 5mm, olive and blue 8mm x 6mm) have been cast-in-place in the silver. 

11mm x 14mm x 3mm face. 

2.8mm x 3.2mm round band. 

Texture on the face around the stones.  Inner diameter 18.6mm therefore size NZ P. 

If this isn't your size I can produce this look in sizes K-L, P-Q, Y-Z.  Because I don't do perfect circles the measurements are always approximate.  

Please note that your recreation will not be exact as all pieces are handmade.  Other coloured stones are available.  As are natural sapphires.  Please contact me for a quote if you would like changes. 

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