Leah Firth Jewelry

Kind - Sapphire and silver ring


This one is really something.  A signet ring kind of shape but with lovely handmade inclusions (i.e. not perfect lines).  

Silver itself has a subtle brushed/scratched effect on the sides and band.  And a smooth texture on the face.   Circle is about 13mm, band is 2.8mm x 1.7mm (but changes slightly due to slight ripple along edge). 

But the focal point are the cast-in-place natural sapphires.  One large 7mm x 4mm oval blue, surrounded by four round 3mm (light green/blue/clear/yellow). 

Inner diameter is 18.7mm therefore a NZ size P.  

If this isn't your size I can produce this look in sizes K-L, P-Q, Y-Z.  Because I don't do perfect circles the measurements are always approximate.  

Please note that your recreation will not be exact as all pieces are handmade. 

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