Leah Firth Jewelry

Intro to Self - Sterling silver & sapphire ring

$220 NZD

There's a lot going on here.  The more you look at this ring, the more you'll discover.  And the more you know it, the more you'll love it.  

The band is smooth and comfy on the inside.  Wavy on the top (2.75mm - 5mmish).

The top reaches to 6.23mm, while the rectangle itself is approx. 10.9mm l x 7.4mm w.

Two deep blue Australian sapphires (2.25mm) have been nestled into a couple of the 'dimples' on the top.  

All sterling silver.  Cast in one piece.  Approx. size is US 7.5.  

My work is all handmade by myself and each is a one-off.  Another can be made, in your size, but please be aware that while yours will be similar to the ring pictured, no two can be identical.

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