Leah Firth Jewelry

Inspired - Sterling silver and synthetic sapphires pendant

$190 NZD

Strong yet fragile.  Just like life.  Full of paradoxes. 

Solid sterling silver (8gm), 33mm diameter (though only the top half is there), 2.5mm thick.  Use the hole at the top or a jump ring to thread your chain.  I can assist you with this if you like. 

12 x quality synthetic sapphires in various sizes, shapes and colours. Textured surface on the metal itself. 

All have been cast-in-place.  This process allows the stones to sit as they may and the metal to go where it wants.   The technique epitomises the 'go with the flow' ethos of the brand. 

There is no way I can recreate this.  There is only one. 

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