Leah Firth Jewelry

Impasto - Silver and synthetic sapphire drop earrings

$250 NZD

Stylised flowers using a painterly effect.  It's as if the metal has been thickly applied or manipulated with a paint brush.  

One stone in each earring which have been cast-not-set.  In this case one round pink stone in one and one light green in the other.  If you would prefer more stones, different colours or to use natural sapphires just let me know and we can discuss what would be involved. 

Silver hoops which hook onto itself at the back.  This system means that you reduce the risk of them sliding out.  0.8mm round wire. 

Total drop is 3cm.  Flower is 1.4cm long x 1.2cm wide x 2mm thick.  Approximate weight is 2.2gm per earring.  

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