Leah Firth Jewelry

Highlight - Sterling silver and yellow sapphire ring

$245 NZD $345 NZD

High band (11.6mm) reasonable thickness (1.2mm) brushed finish on the metal.  Waves at back, on top and sides.  Bead set with a 2.5mm natural yellow sapphire.  10g sterling silver. 

Size R.  If your proximal phalanx (space between first and second knuckle nearest your hand) is a bit fleshy (like me) then I recommend choosing a bigger size given the band is long.  

If this isn't your size then I can make another one.  The very nature of one-of-a-kind work means that, while it will be similar, yours will not be exactly the same.  You may also like a different colour stone.  Let's talk.  Email me or use the contact form on this website. 

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