Leah Firth Jewelry

Gritty - Sterling silver signet ring

$350 NZD

This one is a bit dark and edgy.  

Same curves and flow on the band.  Interesting bumps and waves but then you get to the top the piece takes on a moodier tone.  

I've also used a new toy of mine that produces a 'stipple' effect around the back of the band. 

And then, because there wasn't enough going on, I oxidised the piece.  

It looks rough but it's actually smooth and very comfortable to wear.  

13g of sterling silver.  Size is US 6 (approximately as the band isn't perfectly round).  If you know my work at all, I don't do perfect.  Doesn't exist anyway.  

If this isn't your size I am more than happy to make another one especially for you.  Please be aware though that while your ring will be similar no two pieces can be exactly the same due to the handmade nature of my work.  That's a bonus eh.  

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