Leah Firth Jewelry

Faith - Sterling silver and cubic zirconia cross pendant necklace

$190 NZD

This piece has been named 'Faith' because it's a cross and it's nearly Christmas.  And also because I want you to have faith in yourself.  You got this!  You really do. 

3.1cm h x 1.6cm w x 0.3mm thick, solid sterling silver, about 4gm

Six x 3mm round diamond-cut clear cubic zirconia's

With this piece I used one of my favourite techniques 'cast-in-place'.  It's where the setting and placement of the stones is left in the hands of the process.  You'll notice that the very top of the jump ring meets with two curved ends.  It's not a perfect circle.  This is because the metal didn't quite make it all the way around.  Also, you'll see that at the end of one of the 'arms' is a scoop.  This is where a stone was pushed out but not held by the metal, so it fell away. Do these 'mistakes' make the pendant lesser or more than? I think it is the way it should be.  

I haven't hung this on a chain yet.  Feel free to choose the length you'd like best.  

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