Leah Firth Jewelry

Discover - Sterling silver and synthetic sapphire ring


The stones have been cast in place into the metal randomly.  There is also a texture on the face which (to me) gives the feeling of the stones being tossed about in the sea.  Part of the metal laps over the stones in places.  There are also little peaks like the tops of waves. 

There is a large light pink and another dark pink (6 x 4mm) synthetic sapphire.  Plus a round (4mm) yellow sapphire.  And a round (4mm) clear cubic zirconia. 

The band is approximately 3.2mm thick.  The face sits on top of the band at 11 x 14 x 4mm.  9gm of sterling silver.  Oxidised to a light grey.  This will wear away in time meaning that your ring will change and develop into something new in time.  Just like you.  

Size is approximately 17mm interior diameter which makes this ring a US 63/4 or NZ O - P. 


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