Leah Firth Jewelry

Correct Assumptions - Sterling silver & aquamarine, garnet ring


Ambiguous title for this ring I know.  Do I mean your assumptions are correct?  Or that we must correct our assumptions?  Both and neither.  

There's just something about this leaning protrusion.  It's pretty, with it's gemstones on either side, but it could also be dangerous. 

2 x 4mm aquarmarine, 1 x 3mm garnet, solid sterling silver, size approx. US 7, band 5mm w x 0.5mm d, highest point at top 11mm

My work is all handmade by myself and each is a one-off.  Another can be made, in your size, but please be aware that while yours will be similar to the ring pictured, no two can be identical.


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