Leah Firth Jewelry

Congenial - Silver and sapphire ring

$350 NZD

There's just something about this ring.  I can't put my finger on it. 

Yes the pink and orange natural sapphires are so sweet next to each other (3mm round x 7).  The height of the rectangle is pleasing (3.7mm).  As are the asymmetrical curves of the rectangle/oval face (13mm x 10mm).  

I do like how one of the stones is largely covered by the metal and just peaking out.  Over time the silver will wear away (or not) revealing the stone.  It's one of the reasons I adore the cast-in-place process.  I don't have full control.  

The band is substantial (3mm t x 2.5mm w) and not regular.  It kind of undulated along.  Inner diameter is about 18.6mm making this a size NZ P.

If this isn't your size I can produce this look in sizes K-L, P-Q, Y-Z.  Because I don't do perfect circles the measurements are always approximate.  

Please note that your recreation will not be exact as all pieces are handmade. 

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