Leah Firth Jewelry

Confidence - Sterling silver gold plated sapphire ring

$450 NZD

This ring is so cool.  There's so much going on and yet it looks calm and tranquil. Like stones bobbing along in a stream.  

The shape of the top is organic and the placement of the stones is haphazard.  The band is wiggly as well.  There's a lovely texture on the face of the metal.  And because I haven't polished away all the interesting features the gold has a lovely matt look.  There is a shine but it's not an all-over high shine.  

Size is NZ P 

If this isn't your size I can make another version of this ring but bear in mind that while it will be similar no two can be exactly the same. 

Now let's talk about those lovely big gem stones.  There are three 7 x 5mm synthetic sapphire stones (quality to withstand my process) in dark pink, black and orange.  Plus one blue round 6mm diamond-cut synthetic sapphire.  

Truely one-of-a-kind.  

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