Leah Firth Jewelry

Checking In - Silver and synthetic sapphires hook earrings

$230 NZD

I've called this pair of earrings 'Checking In' because I've been told that they look like little cellphones.  So when you're wearing them they're just giving you a quick buzz to see how you're doing.  

The rectangles themselves have rolls, they look inflated in parts.  They remind of a breakfast cereal, a piece of puffed up wheat or something.  

One earring sports light blue, yellow and navy stones.  The other light green, yellow and navy.  Very subtle.  Hard to see in the full light of the photograph. 

The rectangles are not exactly the same but both are around 1cm L x 0.5cm W x 2mm T.  

The round wire hooks are 0.9mm T.  Drop is 1.2cm.  


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