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Changeling - Shibuichi metal and sapphire ring

$550 NZD

This one is a personal favourite.  I just love the shape of the ring, the top, how the band flows into the top.  

The metal I've used is called Shibuichi.  It's a higher copper content combined with the sterling silver.  When fresh it's a warm coppery colour (see pic two) but it oxidised quicker than sterling silver.  The main pic is when it has been allowed to oxidised naturally.  The top is quite dark but the band shows an interesting mix of shades. 

There are 12 x 2mm pink synthetic sapphires bead-set on the top of the ring.  Not all perfectly face up, one is completely on it's side.  I think that makes it all the more interesting. 

Size is NZ J1/2 - L

If this isn't your size I can make another version of this ring but bear in mind that while it will be similar no two can be exactly the same. 

If you would like me to clean the ring back to a copper colour and you can watch the change yourself, just let me know.  I can also teach you how to clean it yourself using household items.  

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