Leah Firth Jewelry

Change - Sterling silver and synthetic sapphire ring

$350 NZD $490 NZD

Why call it 'Change' you ask?  Because it fascinates me that rock, over time, actually changes into crystal. 

These stones have been cast in place and are part of the ring.  But it kind of looks like a slice of the earth, revealing the crystals.  Am I being too fanciful?  Perhaps. 

I love things organic and rough and gritty, so I've pre-oxidised the metal, the grey will change by itself over time (more change!).

The three large synthetic oval sapphires also daylight out the back a bit which allows a bit of light play. 

There is even a gap between the light and dark pink stones.  A great accidental addition which goes very nicely with the whole 'let it be/acceptance' ethos of the brand. 

As per most of my word, the band isn't perfectly round, so I'm going to say that the size is NZ P- or Q.  

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