Leah Firth Jewelry

Brilliant - Silver and synthetic sapphire hook earrings

$250 NZD

I'm such a rebel... I put tonal AND opposite colours together.  Plus I don't make the circles perfectly round.  I add extra texture on purpose!

But I'm not going for bold, understated is still the objective.  

Nearly 3gm of silver. Silver hooks (I'll throw in some plugs... they are great at stopping hooks falling out).  Plus 10 x synthetic sapphires in various shapes, sizes and colours.  

The silver has lapped over one of the stones so much that it looks like a heart shape.  These are the things I can't recreate, try as I might, they are part of the process itself.  

Circle is around 1cm diameter plus another 0.8mm drop from top of wire hook.  

This ring is at a gallery right now, if you would like a version made especially for you please contact me. 

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