Leah Firth Jewelry

Bob - Oxidised silver & sapphire ring

$120 NZD $322 NZD

Why 'Bob' you ask?  Good question.  It's because the stones look a bit like they are bobbing along in the metal. 

Using my favourite 'cast-in-place' technique has allowed the stones and metal to ultimately settle where it likes.  So the face isn't perfectly flat, nor are the stones perfectly flush, which to me is just perfect! 

Five square blue synthetic sapphires (3mm) set on the face and shoulders.  A weighty 11g of metal.  Rough oxidised finish on the metal.  Size 18mm diameter, NZ P.  I would recommend when choosing a ring with a wider band to size up as they are harder to put on (i.e. choose a larger ring size than you usually would with a slim band). 

If this isn't your size I can produce this look is sizes K-L, P-Q, Y-Z.  Because I don't do perfect circles the measurements are always approximate.

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