Leah Firth Jewelry

Blink - Silver and sapphire ring

$387 NZD $587 NZD

These light blue/greeny/grey natural oval sapphires are something to behold.  

Seven 4mm x 3mm sparkly gorgeousness. 

Cast-in-place in silver.  Fluid lines, subtle texture. 

The oval is approximately 14.5mm x 12mm.  The band is approximately 4.7mm x 1.5mm.  This changes slightly along the band as there are gentle undulations. 

Inner diameter is 18.7mm therefore a NZ size P.  

If this isn't your size I can produce this look in sizes K-L, P-Q, Y-Z.  Because I don't do perfect circles the measurements are always approximate.  

Please note that your recreation will not be exact as all pieces are handmade. 

Can you see from these different photos how much silver reflects the colours around itself?  As soon as I added the wooden stand in the shot the ring looked browner.  This is the nature of silver! 

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