Rough or cut stones? Natural or synthetic?

There is no right answer.  There are pro's and con's for each option and the rest is just personal taste. 

I like both cut and rough and actually I'm drawn to precut/formed stones as well.  A well cut stone that captures the light is amazing.  But I have to say, it's last on my list.  The stone, as is, left the way it was formed by nature is just stunning.  We can't (I certainly can't) do better than nature.  

This mindset goes with the overall brand concept of leaving things as they are.  Acceptance, being part of the whole, etc.  Too convuluted and forced into a pre determined shape is not what my work is all about.  

Then we have the conversation about natural or synthetic stones.  While I love natural stones I worry about unsafe/illegal mining practises plus the impact on the earth.  I work hard to know the supply chain of everything I buy.  And have been know to take stones out of old settings and reuse them. I have found places where natural stones can be found in the river bed (not explosives needed yay). 

I was worried that synthetic manufactering of stones used up other resources and wasn't environmentally friendly either.  I think I got that idea from seeing fabric companies pouring dye into rivers or the massive use of water to make products.  Happily I have found companies that have very friendly sustainable processes.  

Upshot of it all is that I have all the options covered and you can rest assured I'm trying my best to be in integrity with everything I buy and make.  

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