Is materialism bad?

In fact, is the entire concept of consumerism malicious?  It's a worrying thought that many struggle with, especially at this time of year.  Do we really need more stuff to clutter our homes?  Why not concentrate on what really matters?  

I've run rings in my head on this topic and I've come to the conclusion that it's not that simple.  Especially when it comes to jewelry.  I don't advocate attaching your happiness and well fare to any physical object (or indeed person or situation) but that's not to say that 'things' can't be very helpful.  Even spiritually helpful.  After all, religions have placed importance on jewelry for eons (the star of David, rosaries, prayer beads, the cross).

I think it may be the intention behind the purchase that distinguishes whether or not it is 'good' materialism.  Does the item satisfy a desire for status, vanity or greed?  Or is it more considered, does the piece speak to your soul, does it energetically or spiritually fulfill you?  Jewelry can be armor, an affirmation, a celebration.  It can be passed down through the generations, carrying love and history with it.  

Gifting jewelry is very special but I really like the idea of people buying for themselves.  Because you know you so well and this is a chance to express yourself.  I love the idea that jewelry could teach a friend something new about you or help you push your comfort zone.  The possibilities are endless.  

It is my intention that all of my jewelry is life enhancing.  This ethos is behind the look and feel of the products.  Namely that they are organic, free flowing, unconstrained.  Bumps and lumps, cracks and chips are celebrated because they mirror us.  Imperfection is beautiful.  A scar, like a crack, is a symbol of strength, a lesson learned, a reminder that we can prevail.  I could go on and on.... but I think you get my gist eh! 

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