Inspiring aesthetics

There are many artists and genres, other contemporary jewelry designer/makers and designers in other areas, that I enjoy and find exciting -  but I've narrowed it down to these three people just to give you a taste of what I find pleasing and interesting. 

Colin CcCahon

This is a piece by an artist called Colin McCahon.  A New Zealand painter.  I adore his free style, loose visible brush strokes, meaningful messages and that he broke the rules.  Namely by using letters and numbers in his work. 

What art genre are you drawn to?

This gorgeous creature is Tilda Swinton (and her other half isn't bad either). She's an actress.  I'm inspired by her relaxed aesthetic.  It's relaxed and real but also stylish and quirky. 

Who makes style choices you find commendable?

This outfit is by a Japanese designer called Yohji Yamamoto.  His overall feel, to me, is playfulness and quality.  He looks at a garment a bit differently, gently avant guard, largely androgynous.  

Your turn.  Who is your favourite designer?

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