Hey you!

We know now that time doesn’t exist, and even if it did, it isn’t linear.  But it’s what we experience in this realm, so…. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

If you’re the type for setting goals and making plans, go for it, but may I add my two cents worth? 


What I mean is, try not to self-sabotage by aiming for perfection (that doesn’t exist either) or giving yourself a humongous task in a ridiculous time frame. 

Moving forward is always good and self-compassion will get you further than you think.

May I suggest a process?. 

1 – start with the big picture idea

For me it’s lose 10kg (no time frame just moving forward)

2 – then the motivation

So, that’d be, improved health and energy

3 – remembering the motivation (not the goal) I break it down into baby steps

First week … one alcohol free night

From there it might be … drink more water, more exercise, less carbs and so on. 

The big trick to making this all work relies on one super important factor…


Without that, it ain’t gonna happen.  So I grab a lipstick and write on a mirror it “I deserve this”.   If my ego tries to convince me otherwise then we will have a calm and compassionate chat about what it thinks it is protecting me from?  I’ll thank it for loving me and then tell it quite firmly that I got this. 

If you would like to share your next steps forward that’d be awesome!  If not, just know I’m here for you…. all 2020 long!!

You’re such an inspiration. 


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