Create your own medallion arrangement

That way it's extra special and personal to you.  We can arrange a Zoom meeting or Facetime and discuss stone shapes and colours and arrangements.  Playing with gemstones what could be more fun! 

I don't have a huge amount of time to devote to one on one consultations but I do love spending time with you.  So I'm going to open up the calendar for the first handful of people who contact me. 

If you're reading this blog at a later date and all the slots have been taken, still message me because it could be that something has opened up in the meantime or I could book you in for a future date. 


Ohhh the possibilities!

You can choose to do gold plate or stay with the sterling silver colour. 

There are other medallion shapes you could explore but I didn't want to overwhelm you with all the options at once!  

I can already feel that you're coming up with ideas.  

I would set the stones using the cast-in-place process for extra organic wonderfulness.  

The price will be around NZ$299.  Consult is free for the lucky first people.  Plus postage.  

Can't wait to create with you.  Until then, take care! 




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