Leah Firth Jewelry

Trust Yourself - Sterling silver & sapphire ring

$524.40 NZD

This version of cast-in-place sapphires has been done using sterling silver and so the colour is noticeably, well, more silver.  

Cast in one piece with the gemstones cast in place.  This means that the metal and the stones final positioning and presentation is what they have determined.  Not me. On brand eh.  

There are two large sapphires (approximately 13mm l x 7mm w) fuschia and burnt orange coloured, clearly visible on the top.  Plus a smaller yellow sapphire on one corner.  

This is a US size 7. If this isn't your size another can be made but please be aware that due to the unique process yours will be similar but not identical.  Time may also be required to stock gemstones if none are in in stock.  

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