Leah Firth Jewelry

Sunshine - Sterling silver & citrine ring

$175 NZD $350 NZD

Sunny yellow citrine gemstones * solid sterling silver * organic * towering top * ring

It's like having three twinkly suns on your finger. The setting makes them look even more like suns. Rising up to meet you on it's organic platform. So settling.

Designer quality 2.5mm diamond cut citrines x 3. The silver has been polished to a mattish finish which looks great against the sparkly stones.

During the casting process I largely let the metal flow as it wants and in this case it's formed a highish (9mm h x 9mm l x 7mm w) step. To be honest I pray for beautiful curves and flows in the metal, something free form and completely uncontrived.

I hope that this little sweety helps it's partner to maintain a light and sunny disposition. Know anyone who needs this ring?

If this isn't your size(US 71/4) another can be made but please note that each piece is moulded and cast individually by myself. So while yours will be in your size and similar in style, no two pieces are exactly the same.

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