Leah Firth Jewelry

Show Off - Sterling silver & sapphires ring

$175 NZD $350 NZD

Solid sterling silver *organic shape oval * 12 sapphire gemstones * reticulated face * ring

I am so pleased with how this turned out. The band has quite smooth organic curves (approx. 1.5mm t x 5mm w). And the top is an oval with a reticulated effect on the top face (approx. 1cm h x 1.5cm w x 2cm l).

Around the edge of the oval top are 12 x 1.5mm diamond cut blue sapphires. Each has been bead set into the metal. This technique compliments the rough natural feel of the piece.

You could style this ring with an edgy avant garde outfit. Or even casually with jeans and boots. I can even visualise it with a floaty summer dress. It's more about the overall attitude of your look.

And even though the ring is solid sterling silver it isn't super heavy (20g). I enjoy feeling the cool metal against the skin and a little weigh and substance.

If this isn't your size (US 6 3/4) I am more than happy to recreate a ring especially for you. Please bear in mind that each piece I make is a one off, so an exact copy isn't possible.

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