Leah Firth Jewelry

Smooth Talk - Silver/bronze alloy natural sapphire ring

$150 NZD $243.80 NZD

I like rings that you can feel them with you.  This ring has a reassuring 8g of metal.  

The top oval does not have perfect symmetry (13mm l x 8mm w x 5mm t).  Nor is the band uniform (1 - 2mm t).  I believe to strive for perfection is to go against our very nature.  So I don't.  Try it.  It's very liberating!

The photos are showing it to be quite yellow but I think that's the light.  It does have a slight yellow goldy hue but it's more of a dull silver. 

Size is 18.5 mm inner diameter while makes it a NZ R - R1/2.  

The 3mm round facet cut natural sapphire is a gorgeous green/grey hue.  Bead set in the top left hand corner (depending on how you wear it, of course). 

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